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About New Green Savings Programme

The Ministry of the Environment's programme administered by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic is focusing on energy savings and renewable energy sources in family houses.

Programme Objectives

The Programme’s objective is to improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the improved energy efficiency of buildings, the support of residential development with very low energy performance and the efficient use of energy sources.

Basic Programme Segmentation

The programme is divided into the following basic support areas:

  • A. Reducing energy performance in existing family houses
  • B. Building family houses with very low energy performance
  • C. Efficient use of energy resources

Eligible Applicants

Eligible subsidy applicants include homeowners and house builders – both individuals and legal entities.

Applications for Subsidies

Applications for subsidies are accepted just electronically and based on time-limited calls. Applications may be submitted prior to the implementation of the supported measures, during or after implementation after 1 January 2014.

The first was on 3 January 2014 with CZK 1,9 billion available. 

Lists of Qualified Suppliers and Products and Technologies

The List of Qualified Suppliers and the List of Products and Technologies are to set and guarantee the minimum quality standards for both the services provided and the products and technologies used in the Programme.

Both lists are open for all suppliers and products meeting the pre-defined Programme conditions. Registration in the lists is free of charge.

Only the measures performed in a qualified manner by the companies from the List of Qualified Suppliers using the high-quality materials and technologies from the List of Products and Technologies are subsidised. 

Download Documents:

Directive No. 1 NZU 2014 and its Annexes in czech language